4WD and SUV

Conquer the outdoors with high quality tyres

When tackling every terrain made by or known to man, you need tyres designed to persevere. How else are you going to keep control when traversing forests, desserts and everything else in between? Here at Arnold’s Tyres, we understand what it takes to keep the average off road vehicle moving forward, rain, hail or shine. Our tyre range and wheel services are geared toward giving you the degree of certainty and control you need on any road surface or weather condition.

Your 4WD Tyres and Wheels

New Tyres

With the ever growing number of 4WD vehicles on the market comes a wealth of added uses and expectations, all of which we have been more than ready to adapt to – we are more than prepared to match the right tyre to your vehicle and lifestyle. We do this by considering factors such as:
  • The type of driving you do
  • Specific terrains you tackle
  • The specifications of your chosen vehicle
What you receive in the end will be perfectly suited to you as well as providing the control and grip you need on and off road. And as a bonus to you, with every full set of tyres we offer free rotation and balancing after the first 5,000km.

Tyre Check and Rotation

One of the pitfalls of taming the great outdoors is the amount of strain it can put on even the most durable of tyres. Before or after any major off-road expedition, we can carefully check your tyres for:
  • Cracks
  • Punctures
  • Decreased pressure
  • Baldness
As a plus, our standard rotation service will effectively extend the life of even the most basic tyres, saving you money and worry further down the road. Please note that, ideally, your tyres should be checked and rotated every 5,000km for sake of longer tyre life.


We can help restore full control and comfort on road and off with an affective alignment check and service that includes:
  • Thorough analysis of current alignment
  • Visual confirmation and recheck
  • Precision readjustments


When your capacity to stay glued to dirt or asphalt seems a little less than usual, it might be time for a wheel balancing.  Our standard balancing service includes:
  • Wheel balance spin checks
  • Weight checks
  • Precision readjustments
  • Final check to assess readjustments
Arnold’s Advanced Tyre Centre, keeping you safe on and off road. Call (07) 4922 6061 today to discuss your tyre needs.