About Us

Proudly local tyre specialists

Arnold’s Advanced Tyre Centre has been providing expert wheel servicing and high quality tyres to Rockhampton motorists since 1991. We are focused on delivering absolute certainty, performance and safety regardless of tyre brand or vehicle type. Our range covers everything from the average passenger auto all the way through to the specialised heavy vehicles that are so integral to local industries.

With our range of products and services, we are offering you fullest extent of our passion and expertise:

  • Tyres fitting
  • Tyre repair
  • Tyre rotation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Fleet servicing
  • Towing

We’ve worked with the biggest in the tyre game, taking what makes them great and learning from their mistakes, all for the sake of perfecting our own services and product range. Every service is delivered with the level of professionalism and passion one would expect from an experienced tyre expert with a true love for cars. Arnold’s Tyres is 100% about you, the driver, rather than quick sales and a bigger bottom line. So turn to us when you want honest, affordable services and quality tyres without fuss, hassle or confusion.

Proudly Local

At Arnold’s, we are diehard Rockhampton locals through and through. As stated above, we have adapted our range to meet the needs of not only the families of Rockhampton but also the industries unique to the area, with our dedicated heavy vehicle tyre range and wheel servicing.

We are here to service the local community in every way we can. We never turn anyone away – regardless of who you are, what you drive or what your problem may be, we are here to help you. What matters most to us is the community at large and everyone in it.

We Help You Save

Using our wits and years of hard earned experience we have been able to forge the necessary alliances to ensure that you pay less for the tyres you need. We do this not only because we believe in a fair deal but also because we don’t think that either safety or reliability should come with a hefty price tag.

One For and All For One

Without the restrictions of franchises or tyre company partnerships, we are free to stock, sell and fit any brand of tyre we can get and you might want. At no point will we ever recommend a tyre brand or grade of tyre because we are expected to – we only recommend those tyres that are best suited to you and your car.

That being said, we are willing to play favourites with some of the tyre world’s most reliable brands. Of all the options out there, a few select brands that we cannot stop recommending include Falken, Bridgestone, and Maxxis. All of these brands have proven themselves to be solid performers on the road, and absolute value for money.

Call us (07) 4922 6061 on today to discuss your tyre needs.